Domestic Guerrilla

from by Froggy Shytle

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Featuring Mr. Peter Sherry of Swine on the ole guest vox.


Domestic Guerilla
I’ve had enough can’t you tell
Fed up with this dollhouse from hell
Home to self-entitled brats
Hive for fat self-righteous rats
I’m moving out I want my peace
I can’t? Watch me! There’s no lease
Just to make sure I win this war
I’ll leave a whole ambush in store

Upload the weekend to Facebook
Let the whole world have a good long look
Convince yourself your not conceited
“Hey wait! The pictures? They’ve been deleted!”
Something’s wrong, upload stalls,
There’s just pictures of my balls
but that’s not all, oh no there’s more
I’ve a whole parting gift in store

I used all the detergent, drank up all the tea
Then drenched the toilet seat with my pee
Rubbed my bare butt on the nice upholstered chairs
Then garnished the fridge with my pubic hairs
Clogged the toilet, left fat brown skids
The kind that give nightmares to kids
Fluffed your pillow with my shweaty ball sack
Then used your new tooth brush to scratch my crack

Ate up all your chocolate soufflé
Wiped me shnots on yer clean duvet
Slashed the tires on your car
Fed yer dog a Cadbury bar
How now brown cow? Jokes on you!
I’ve moved out, what can you do?

Domestic Guerilla: A shneaky fellow
Hard like steel, quick like jello

This song is a joke, work of fiction and NEVER took place. Froggy Shtyle does not endorse mindless, wanton violence as a means of achieving personal or political objectives.


from Wesht's Awake EP, released October 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Froggy Shytle Galway, Ireland

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