Kill All Lannister Scum

from by Froggy Shytle

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Lanister Killer

I hate Lanisters yes indeed
Hate their gold hair. Hate their greed
Drag their corpses through the street
Chop of their heads, cut off their feet
Inbred scum, how I hate ‘em
Come on lets annihilate ‘em
Crucify them to a stairwell bannister
I won’t stop till I kill every Lanister

I hate Lanisters. Yes its true
I hate Lanisters more than you
But Lanisters aren’t just on TV
They are here amongst us you and me
Siblings screwing one another
Shift their sister, Ride their brother
Take their heads off with a tear gas canister
I won’t stop till I kill every last motherfucking piece of shit Lanister

Joffery’s a homo, the rest are just dumb
I say we kill all Lanister scum.
Cersei's a dumb slut, the rest are just dumb
I say we kill all Lanister scum.

The nepotistic and incestuous endorsed ,political injustice that stems from the Lanister family is a very real problem. It is important for us to realize that all peoples hold the right to autonomous self-government and the fate of their own political destinies. Under no circumstances should we be subjected to the will of an inbred sadist who rules from a kingdom in the south, holds no knowledge, let alone interest in our best interests but rather taxes us to death and holds as much political legitimacy as Carley Rae Jepson does musical virtue.

Froggy Shtyle fully recognizes the political autonomy of the northern peoples including the indigenous populations north of the wall under the leadership of freedom fighter Mans Rayder who have long suffered under the colonial boot of the imperial administrations who rule from King’s Landing.

(This song is about Game of Thrones in case you did not know, nothing more.)


from Wesht's Awake EP, released October 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Froggy Shytle Galway, Ireland

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