Wesht's Awake EP

by Froggy Shytle

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released October 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Froggy Shytle Galway, Ireland

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Track Name: Froggy Shtyle


Froggy Shtyle here comes the craic
Doomheads, Dubsteppers get to the back
Everyone else get out of your seat
Get out on the floor and slam to the beat

No fear
No trends
No rules
No hippy bile

Mosh on
Mosh hard
Mosh to
Froggy Shtyle

Froggy Shtyle here comes the craic
Pint drinking burnouts get to the back
Bridge Nine lemmings, go back to the D4
Were Froggy Shtyle and this is Wesht Coast Hardcore!

No prog
No sludge
No doom
No metal bile

Mosh on
Mosh hard
Mosh to
Froggy Shtyle

If you go to a hardcore/punk show you should run around, go crazy go nuts and have fun. If not there is really no purpose for your presence. Also Bridge Nine records and its disciples sucks (w/ the excpetion of a few releases in the mid-late 2000s).
Track Name: If You Hate Circle Pits, We Hate You
If You Hate Circle Pits, We Hate You

We play hardcore and this is the Wesht
So mosh in a circle it’s the best!
Circle pits are so much fun
You can mosh while you run
Oh your not gunna? your too
Everybody mosh over that fool!

Circle Pits
Circle Pits
Thank the Lord for Circle Pits.

Read the title
Track Name: Domestic Guerrilla
Domestic Guerilla
I’ve had enough can’t you tell
Fed up with this dollhouse from hell
Home to self-entitled brats
Hive for fat self-righteous rats
I’m moving out I want my peace
I can’t? Watch me! There’s no lease
Just to make sure I win this war
I’ll leave a whole ambush in store

Upload the weekend to Facebook
Let the whole world have a good long look
Convince yourself your not conceited
“Hey wait! The pictures? They’ve been deleted!”
Something’s wrong, upload stalls,
There’s just pictures of my balls
but that’s not all, oh no there’s more
I’ve a whole parting gift in store

I used all the detergent, drank up all the tea
Then drenched the toilet seat with my pee
Rubbed my bare butt on the nice upholstered chairs
Then garnished the fridge with my pubic hairs
Clogged the toilet, left fat brown skids
The kind that give nightmares to kids
Fluffed your pillow with my shweaty ball sack
Then used your new tooth brush to scratch my crack

Ate up all your chocolate soufflé
Wiped me shnots on yer clean duvet
Slashed the tires on your car
Fed yer dog a Cadbury bar
How now brown cow? Jokes on you!
I’ve moved out, what can you do?

Domestic Guerilla: A shneaky fellow
Hard like steel, quick like jello

This song is a joke, work of fiction and NEVER took place. Froggy Shtyle does not endorse mindless, wanton violence as a means of achieving personal or political objectives.
Track Name: Kill All Lannister Scum
Lanister Killer

I hate Lanisters yes indeed
Hate their gold hair. Hate their greed
Drag their corpses through the street
Chop of their heads, cut off their feet
Inbred scum, how I hate ‘em
Come on lets annihilate ‘em
Crucify them to a stairwell bannister
I won’t stop till I kill every Lanister

I hate Lanisters. Yes its true
I hate Lanisters more than you
But Lanisters aren’t just on TV
They are here amongst us you and me
Siblings screwing one another
Shift their sister, Ride their brother
Take their heads off with a tear gas canister
I won’t stop till I kill every last motherfucking piece of shit Lanister

Joffery’s a homo, the rest are just dumb
I say we kill all Lanister scum.
Cersei's a dumb slut, the rest are just dumb
I say we kill all Lanister scum.

The nepotistic and incestuous endorsed ,political injustice that stems from the Lanister family is a very real problem. It is important for us to realize that all peoples hold the right to autonomous self-government and the fate of their own political destinies. Under no circumstances should we be subjected to the will of an inbred sadist who rules from a kingdom in the south, holds no knowledge, let alone interest in our best interests but rather taxes us to death and holds as much political legitimacy as Carley Rae Jepson does musical virtue.

Froggy Shtyle fully recognizes the political autonomy of the northern peoples including the indigenous populations north of the wall under the leadership of freedom fighter Mans Rayder who have long suffered under the colonial boot of the imperial administrations who rule from King’s Landing.

(This song is about Game of Thrones in case you did not know, nothing more.)
Track Name: Let's Surf
Let’s Surf

The only thing better than punk and girls
Is riding barrels and shredding curls
Swell this weekend get excited
Bring your friends everyone’s invited

I Just Want To Surf

Feel the joy that’s the goal
Ride that wave with shtyle and soul
Use all your spirit, all your heart
Make that wave a piece of art.